Convention Rules

1. No weapons of any kind, or any props that could reasonably be viewed as a weapon.
2. No masks inside the hallway, only during the events.
3. Please be respectful of all University equipment throughout the Union, as well as convention and University staff and fellow con-goers.
4. Keep lines and crowds to one side of the Union so that other convention goers (and other students & staff) can move freely.
5. Union A/V techs and other UConn staff are not affiliated with the convention in any way, so please address any questions or concerns to convention staff (wearing staff armbands).
6. Symbols important to various nationalities, ethnicities, or religions (such as flags or religious icons) should be treated with the respect they deserve (conversely symbols representing racist or intolerant ideologies will not be permitted).


  1. Ever thought of holding a Nerf War?

  2. Do eyemasks like the ones in miraculous ladybug break the mask rule?

  3. Are inflatable props (similar to the inflatable toys you win at the carnivals) Allowed?? i have an inflatable bat and while i don't enjoy using it,it's very soft and won't cause damage at all.

  4. I was wondering the same thing about miraculous ladybug, because my chat noir cosplay involves a mask. If it's not allowed I'll wear something else but just wondering.