Thursday, February 19, 2015


For those of you not on campus/driving up:
      Parking is available for the convention!
      There is free weekend parking in any lettered parking lot on campus (other than S lot). Please be wary of the signs designating which lots you are allowed to park in as to not get ticketed. These lots are between a five and ten minute walk to the student union depending on which you park in. I personally recommend X Lot, as it is the closest to event. A map of them can be found here:

      There is one parking garage that is open on the weekends, however they do charge an hourly fee. South Garage is attached to the Coop, and is a short walk from the student union. More information on that can be found here, and it it's location is shown on the previous parking map:

There is a basketball game Sunday so there will be a $10 or $15 flat fee to park

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